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About 8 Gram Gorilla

“This blog is amazing but why’s it called the 8 Gram Gorilla?” Good question, I’m so glad you asked (and thanks for the compliment whilst I’m at it ). I suppose I could spin you a rather long and fictional story about how the name was conceived during a wonderful expedition into the jungles of Borneo to help rescue baby gorillas from the hands of dastardly poachers but that would be a complete lie.

Simple truth is, we have a thing for monkeys (we branded our entire company after the concept, after all). We’ve never been to Borneo, we’ve never been to a jungle, we’ve never even seen a gorilla that isn’t sat rather sadly behind a pane of thick, poo-stained glass. No, rather the name is a play on the term “800 Pound Gorilla” and that, when compared to all of those established digital agencies, web companies and blogs out there, we’re just a baby in comparison. An eight gram gorilla fetus, to be precise.

And that’s what this blog is all about. The web. The Internet. The Net. That tremendous movie with Sandra Bullock in it. We live it, we breathe it, we’d leave our flabby, pale corporeal bodies behind and plug ourselves directly into our routers if we could. We love the web and want to talk about it with anyone who’ll listen.

So this is our opportunity to write, to teach, to opinion, to comment. There’s a slim chance you’ll like what we have to say.