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No DADI Award For Primate

DADI Award Losers

Being a loser builds up character. Also a lot of resentment.

So we didn’t win an award. It’s fine. Well, not really. But what else can I do with all of this seething resentment and jealously building upside of me other than push it deep down into the darkest recess of my gut and let it manifest itself as a potentially life threatening ulcer whilst I grin and nod politely. Not that I have a flair for the dramatic or anything.

And I know what you’re thinking: “You were robbed!” “The contest was rigged!” “Shenanigans!” Unlikely. Truth be told, we couldn’t have lost to a more deserving site. Branded3 did an amazing job with their entry, Twitition, a petitioning tool for Twitter. Their innovation, popularity and results speak for themselves – they even went on to win the Grand Prix prize because of it. There’s no shame in losing out to those guys.

Also, in all seriousness and honesty, we’re just delighted to be have been short-listed as a finalist, a real honour for a company as young as ourselves. That in itself gives us encouragement and reinforces our believe that we’re on the right path to something great. Plus we had a great time and made some good friends in process (there’s nothing quite like drinking until 3am to encourage bonding). Thanks to We Are and Ampersand for putting up with our inane drunken banter and another huge congratulations to the latter for their win for the fabulous

We’ll be entering the DADI Awards next year and, until then, if I do feel any tiny lingering sense of sadness over our lack of award, I’ll amuse myself up by staring at Bart’s moustache. It’s a beast.

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Author: Gordon McLachlan

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