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As the year draws to end we thought it would be fun to recap and reminisce about our favourite blog posts of 2011. Only those from that 8 Gram Gorilla that is. As much we’d love to draw attention to all of the wonderful articles that have crept up over the past 12 months from the entirety of the Interweb unfortunately we failed to keep a list of them. If only someone would invent some sort of really simple form of syndication that would let us keep track of other people’s posts in a handy web based reader. Until then you’ll just need to make do with a selection from our own meager offerings. Enjoy, my primates, enjoy!

Why every company should be like Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce

It’s no secret that I fancy myself a Mad Man and indeed many people have claimed that I style myself after Don Draper (a complete lie – I fancy myself more of a Pete Campbell kind of guy). This was one of the first posts I ever wrote at 8 Gram Gorilla, not long after we started our web agency, and it draws a – surprisingly – apt comparison between the men and women of Madison Avenue in the ’60s and the web industry of today.

Lessons from magazine design

Back in July, Espen wrote a rather interesting and insightful post about how web designers can draw inspiration and techniques from the print industry. This well received article not only takes a look at the power of magazine design and details why its important to hold on the same values for web design but also champions one of the most fundamental principles of the web – the importance of content.

IE7 is the new IE6

Bart is a man of few words but when he talks he does so with the eloquence of a poet and the knowledge of a philosopher. In this article he details his savage dislike for IE7 and how, even now with the almost complete death of IE6, we’re still left with hideous compatibly issues to contend with. Fortunately Bart was made a happy chap a few weeks ago when Microsoft declare that Internet Explorer updates will be automated rolled out from now on in an attempt to eradicate the world from the tyranny of aged IE versions once and for all.

Are social networks at all geniune?

With the launch of Google + this year and all the talk of Facebook being worth a ridiculously stupid sum of money, social networks have never been bigger business. This slightly depressing article takes a look at the possible dangers that our large-scale engagement with social media might cause and reminds us that, at the end of the day no matter what they say, companies like Facebook are still privately owned businesses driven by a strong profit motive.

To code or not to code

A lot of the discussion in the Primate office this year has been about the value of designers learning to code (and even vice versa) and it’s something that Espen has pondered greatly. In this article he expresses some of this thoughts on the subject and looks at the pros and cons of designers investing time into learning web markup.

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