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All Hail Netflix, Our Wondrous Puppet Masters

26 Feb 2014 by Gordon
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Netflix logo with puppet strings extending to silhouettes

If, like me, you always considered yourself a special little snowflake in a world full of mindless drones then I’m about to shatter your illusions of individuality. Turns out our actions are nothing more than mere patterns of consistent, predictable behaviour and our brainwaves simply strings ready to be pulled by able puppet masters. A depressing thought? I knew you’d think that.

Like millions of others out there, I’m a huge fan of House of Cards, a TV show about political manoeuvring and psychological manipulation (how apt) that was created and commissioned by Netflix two years ago. Aside from ushering in an exciting new era of on-demand digital television, the show has also been met with critical acclaim and is proving to be exceedingly popular. But then that’s no surprise considering it was engineered exactly for us all to like.

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