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The Slow Web

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Slow yet delicious

I was having a chat with one of our clients a few weeks ago when he sprung the term “Slow Web” on me. I’d never heard it before but apparently it’s becoming quite the thing – there’s a even a whole “Slow Movement” culture that encapsulates it. Skeptical at first, the more I read about the Slow Web movement, the more it makes a whole kind of sense to me.

Not to be confused with the “Deep Web” (which is for pedophiles and hackers – yeah, I watched House of Cards too), the Slow Web is all about, y’know, slowing things down. It’s best described as the exact opposite of “The Fast Web”, in which every web site, every interaction, every notification, every single iota of feedback and communication is flung at you as fast as possible, all in the name of instant gratification. Click this, tweet that, share those, respond right now – The Fast Web demands from us constantly in a fashion that’s often random and unpredictable.

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