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Thank you and Merry Christmas

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Never waste a good Christmas card image, that's what we say

It’s that time again. Christmas. Like last year, agencies across the world are flooding their clients’ inboxes and office desks with clever cards and bottles of wine to offer thanks for the ongoing support. And so they should.

Unlike last year, however, Primate have failed to come up with a single good idea that would do our clients justice. With the end of the last week approaching, we were at a loss as how best to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to making 2012 such an amazing year for us. Is it too late to order champagne? Probably. How about a funky e-card? Definitely not. In the end, we decided to keep it simple and write you all a letter of appreciation. Here it is.

First of all, we’re sorry we’re not there to hand over this letter in person. Rather fortunately, we’re busier than we’ve ever been and we will be burning the midnight oil until Father Christmas slides down the chimney so as much as we’d love to sit down and enjoy a well deserved drink and mince pie with each and every one of you, there simply isn’t time for it. Come to think of it, it’s your fault we’re in this situation in the first place. Without your continuous knocking on our door asking us to help on such a diverse roster of projects we would have plenty of time to create award-winning Christmas cards. Equally, we’d have no money to spend on printing the cards, so here we are. Now, let’s get on with the thanking.

Thank you Paul, Sarah and the rest of the jovial, number crunching team at Andrew Hamilton & Co. Not did you trust us with your web site but you also allowed us to take your brand in a radical new direction. We’re very proud of the result and dare say there’s no accountancy site like it. At least not in Edinburgh.

Thank you Anne, Flora, Bonny and Gavin – and congratulations on a busy year. Come launch time, the new Festival Flats web site will hopefully make 2013 even more successful.

Thank you Andrew and Cate for letting us work with Ruffians, most definitely the finest hair-dressing establishment in Edinburgh (male or female). We’re very excited to be allowed to take part in what looks to be an amazing journey of business growth.

Thank you Stuart and Iain. It was a pleasure meeting you at the tail end of 2011 and even more so working with you in 2012 to create a sleek site for the lighting product of the future: DesignLED.

Thank you Dougie and Brian, the very talented videographers and producers behind Rapid Visual Media. Armed with a shoe-string budget and heaps of enthusiasm you trusted us to keep things simple and focus on the real purpose of the site: showcasing great video content.

Thank you Ken and Claire for inviting us into Paxton House. For people who’s primary concern is history and tradition you were delightfully embracing of us pushing the envelope to create something truly progressive and unique to your industry.

Thank you Lucy, Andy, Mark and your creative colleagues at StudioLR for allowing us to to help bring your web presence into the 21st century. We’re nothing short of honoured to collaborate with the Scottish Design Agency of the Year (it was a challenge, to say the least, but we got there in the end!). You also trusted us to create the new WithScotland site as part of their new brand, and we owe another thank you to Jane, Beth and Lianne for your patience and understanding during the build process.

Thank you Erwin and Martin from M3 Consultancy. We still feel privileged that you reached out across half of Europe to work with us and we sincerely hope that your new web presence goes some way to solidifying your position as world leaders in your field. Gelukkig kerstfeest!

Thank you Jennifer and Jim for letting us help bring fair trade standards into the IT industry. Fair Trade Software Foundation is a brilliant initiative that reaffirmed our belief that cross-continental collaboration really is possible.

Thank you James, for reaching out to your backers following your kickstarter success of Let’s Code: TDD. We love having contributed to one of the finest development screencasts on the web today and really look forward to launch.

Thank you Alec, Tony, Clara and Kate for the opportunities we’ve had to work with People’s Postcode Lottery and Trust this year. Both the Pocket Fishguide and the Vote That Counts were great projects to work on.

Thanks to Liz for letting us be part of the Neontics movement and helping to show the world that the term ‘startup’ is more than just a buzzword.

Thank you Ewan, for giving us one of our biggest challenges yet: a complete redesign and responsive build of Harviestoun Brewery’s new web site. We really look forward to implementing the designs for the future phases. Cheers!

Thank you Mia, DJ and Ed, for believing in a small agency from the other side of the world – not a small feat. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with you and we can’t wait to see the fruits of our joint efforts come 2013.

Thanks to Justyna and Gustav for letting us create the forthcoming Alliance Boats web site. We look forward to having a ride on the fastest trimaran in the world next year (aside from Gordon, who is terrified).

Thanks for Stuart and John for all of your incredible advice, guidance and support – we couldn’t have done it without either of you.

Thank you Donald for entrusting us with, well, you know what, and so wholeheartedly supporting our philosophy and ethos. We’re very excited about the prospect of our collaboration, to say the least!

Thank you Richard and Gillian, for including us in your process of getting your business up and running. We’re eager to get stuck into the creative process come the new year…

Finally, a massive thanks to Mark and George, for all your continued support, encouragement and generosity. May 2013 be the year that everything falls into place (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

There. Not bad for 12 months, right? We’re absolutely delighted to have met so many interesting people and worked on so many exciting projects. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas (or, if you’re politically correct, Season’s Greetings!) and hope you enjoy your break as much as we will. Look forward to picking up where we left off in a couple of weeks.

Oh, and Happy New Year!

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