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This Week: Clients And Agencies

This Week

Kong has no need for clients (or web agencies for that matter)

This week was a week of clients and agencies and the often complex and symbiotic relationship that exists between them. Clients need agencies who produce high quality and timely work that gives the results sought on the budget stipulated; agencies want clients who will listen and heed their advice, allow them room for creativity and growth, and pay their bills on time. Both parties seek the same thing but sometimes the road to success is not a straightforward one and it’s this collaboration that draws so much attention from the web community around the globe.

A List Apart calls Request For Proposals “the least creative way to hire people”

A fascinating and enjoyable article by Greg Hoy, one of the Presidents of Happy Cog, that tackles some the issues agencies face with RFPs (Request For Proposals) head on. Personally, I have very mixed feelings about RFPs as I both see the absolute need for them in order to try and diminish nepotism and favouritism(not sure I agree with Greg’s thoughts on bringing back the golf course, for instance) yet equally appreciate that they are very restrictive concepts that burden agencies.

Think Vitamin lays down some tips for great client relationships

An excellent article by Allison over at Think Vitamin that outlines some great tips for helping to maintain good relations with clients. Transparency, honesty, passion and respect mixed in with some self-confidence and friendliness seem to be the magic mixture for most situations. Just like in any relationship (*cough* marriage *cough*), when no mutual trust exists, that’s when things start to go haywire.

Conversion Marketing gives 11 reasons why people start internet marketing agencies

Although we’re not a dedicated internet marketing agency, we are a new web company and Ian’s points here really struck a cord with me. As tough as things are (he’s not kidding about the 100 hour working week), there’s no substitute, at least for us, in being able to control and guide your own vision of a business and nothing that can substitute the feeling of satisfaction you get upon creating something truly great for a client.

Clients From Hell jokes about client contraditions

There’s a reason why Clients From Hell is exceedingly popular – its posts are not only rather bloody funny but also strike uncomfortably close to the bone. No doubt many a web design or developer has been in the situation when a client wants everything without compromise. And music playing in the background on the homepage.

Boagworld shares a video about the perfect match of iPad and velcro

My wife just ordered a roll of velcro from Amazon, that’s all I have to say.


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