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This Week: Life And Business

This Week

Kong loves Slicehost

This week was a week of life and business, of evaluating what we want to achieve with out time on this Earth and then trying to figure out how to do it. Life can be about many things, anything from the pure and shameless pursuit of enjoyment to the unflinching focus on one’s family (not to say that these things are mutually exclusive). For us though, life has been about following the dream to build and run our own business and over the past seven days we’ve seen some great articles from every corner of the web related to this. Some have been about establishing and then selling online companies, some about changing industries and market places and others about the delicate balance of life and work. Suffice to say, they all really struck a cord with us, echoing our sentiments and emotions.

Here’s our pick of the week.

The Slicehost Story

If you do anything after reading this article then it has to be watching the interview that 37Signals recently conducted with Slicehost. You must, no excuses – it’s been a long time since I’ve seen anything so poignant, candid and moving.  In case you don’t know, Slicehost was a Rails hosting company started back in 2006 which grew tremendously and was purchased by Rackspace in 2008, two years later. Jason and Matt, the founders, describe in great detail the stresses, strains, emotions and difficulties that they faced during their journey and the whole interview, to put it simply, is downright inspirational.

Silktide dicuss why they gave up on web design after 10 successful years

It’s hard to imagine that anyone would want to give up a successful business after 10 years but I can absolutely appreciate Silktide’s reasons for why they decided to move away from the web industry and into the SAAS market instead. In fact, their article reflected many of the emotions and thoughts we at Primate have had ourselves. As much as we truly love the web design world, it’s a tough old game and diversifying our focus has always been something we’ve intended and desired.

Happy Cog ask what’s the ROI on cool

Joe Rinaldi from Happy Cog takes a look at the term cool and what the heck people actually mean by it when they throw it around in the web industry. He ends his post by asking us to define what cool means to each of us. Oddly enough we had a moment in the office a few days ago whilst discussing ideas for a client’s site – we threw around some thoughts, spitballed some ideas and then, after settling on something, turned to each other, smiled and unanimously said “this is gonna be cool”. Getting the chance to do something new, something that will surprise, impress and excite those that use it, to have the sheer opportunity to be creative without restraint, that’s what cool means to me. Also the Fonz.

Paul Boag gives us all a poignant reminder

As much as one can love their business and feel passionate about the web industry, it can be good to get a little perspective once in a while.

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