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This Week: Running Businesses

This Week

Kong loves running businesses

This week was a week of running businesses as some of the best articles from across the web reflected business growth, workflows, employee situations and, that old chestnut, client services. Coincidentally we’ve been discussing our company growth at Primate quite a bit the past few days too as we’re forecasting expansion, something which is a downright scary prospect to me. Not the growth part itself but the concept of hiring new employees as I suppose it’s something that’s brings out my fragile paternal feelings, realising my utter terror of fatherhood. I don’t know how any man can look that prospect in the face and not tremble with fear. And yes, I’m aware that I have massive issues.

Anyway, I digress. Here’s our pick for the week:

Google have no business strategy

Co.Design posted an excerpt from Tim Harford’s book Adapt: Why Success Always Starts with Failure in which he takes a look at Google’s unique business strategy of organic evolution (or maybe I should say organic creationism if that’s what floats your boat). It’s a jolly fascinating read and addresses one of the fundamental principles behind Google’s strategy for growth – their 20% free time policy. Apparently they weren’t the first to invent the concept and it’s been a success for every company that’s utilised it to date, reinforcing the idea that nurturing the potential of your staff is incredibly valuable. I can’t wait until Primate can fully kick in our 20% policy. interview thoughtbot about their new Airbrake app

A fascinating video interview with Harold Giménez from thoughtbot who talks about their new app for collecting exceptions and errors, Airbrake. It’s always insightful to get an uh insight into how other companies build apps, especially ones as renowned as thoughtbot, and a real delight to hear about some of the new technologies they are embracing. Goes to show that the web never stays still for long.

Think Vitamin shows off their simple Git workflow

As a newcomer to Git (Bart – the chimpanzee – is our resident expert turned mentor in it), I was particularly interested in this article by Alan Johnson over on Think Vitamin in which he describes their Git workflow. It’s a great read with some good tips in it and I for one will certainly be checking out the Git Remote Branch gem. It’s hard to believe that anyone still uses any other form for version control these days.

Happy Cog defend client services

In another article on the war that’s raging about the future of client services, Kevin Hoffman from Happy Cog chips in with his thoughts, defending the client service industry. Personally I couldn’t agree more with what he has to say and he’s bang on with his two main points about bringing experience honed from work with vast varieties of clients and the ability to review the client’s situation from a completely unbiased and disconnected strategic point of view. These are both huge advantages that in-house designers and developers can struggle to bring to the table.

MailChimp turns ten years old

And finally a huge happy birthday to MailChimp who turned ten years old yesterday!

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  1. amcl August 21, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    Father hood … You learn quickly. It’s not scary, just tiring.

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