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We spoke at Fronteers last month

Talking at Fronteers

In October, Espen, Bart and myself spoke at Fronteers in Amsterdam. It’s one of Europe’s largest web conferences. There were 550 people in the audience. It was terrifying.

But like good cowboys taming wild bulls at a rodeo, we overcame our nerves and gave a talk that was described by some as “adequate”. Others graciously called it the “highlight of the conference” and an “awesome talk” – awww. Ego swelling.

So if you’re feeling up to having your mind blown, then watch the full video of our talk below. I haven’t watched it yet as I’m too busy cringing at the sound of my voice. Also, making fun of how much Espen sounds like Nicco Rosberg.

A huge thanks to the whole team at Fronteers for both inviting us to talk and for taking such great care of us in Amsterdam. Likewise, thanks to everyone who attended and stuck around to hear us speak. It truly was a pleasure.

Download our slides from SlideShare.

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