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Primate are hiring

Primate. Your new favourite employer.

Exciting new, everyone. Us, Primate, the business-company-entity-thing behind this here blog, are hiring. We’re looking to expand our current team of developers and have someone join our incredible barrel of monkeys. And yes, barrel is the correct word for a congregation of monkeys. As is troop, tribe and cartload. Seriously, cartload. As in, “I just saw a cartload of monkeys at the zoo”. The things you learn.

Junior Developer

The position we have open is for a junior developer to come and work with us full-time at our offices in Edinburgh, Scotland (sorry fans of telecommuting, we’ve got our hearts set on having someone join us in the flesh). Although we’re completely open to looking at applicants from any sort of background, we imagine this type of position would appeal to new a computing graduate, or similar, someone with a super-geeky passion for the web and a desire to learn as much about it as possible. Skills in HMTL, CSS, JavaScript and a programming language like PHP or Ruby would be ideal but we also appreciate that this sort of job is for folks just embarking on their careers.

Indeed, for us attitude, passion and innate technical smarts are probably the most important factors that we’re looking for in someone. Programming languages, markup languages and frameworks can all be taught but enthusiasm and eagerness can’t. So long as you love the web and have the capabilities to work in it, we’d like to hear from you. More than anything, we’re looking for raw potential.

Job wise, you’ll get to work on exciting projects both for our wonderful clients and our own internal ones like the belated Kong. You’ll get to learn and use cutting edge frameworks and tools like Rails, CoffeeScript, Backbone, Sass and Git. We may even allow you to indulge in the masochism of learning Vim.

If this position sounds of interest to either yourself or anyone you know, you can check out our online job advert page here for more information about it and details on how to apply.

And if you do come in for an interview, we promise not to ask where you see yourself in five years time, to describe a challenging situation and how you overcame it or to explain what a database is to an eight year old in three sentences.

(Well, we might ask that last one.)

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Author: Gordon McLachlan

Gordon is uncomfortably good looking.



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  1. Gordon September 19, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    Thanks to everyone who applied – this position has now been filled.

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